How to Have the Best Vacation Ever… For Less

Torn between wanting to take a vacation and wanting to save money? This is an obstacle many people face every year, even more so during the summer months. When the weather gets warmer, after a long, harsh, winter, it’s only normal to want to getaway. 

Here’s how to have the best vacation ever, for less! 

1. Book a weekend trip 

An easy way to have the best vacation, but still save money, is to book a weekend trip. Even if you take a long weekend vacation, you’re saving more money by going for fewer days. Additionally, a weekend trip is much easier to budget and pack for! 

Weekend trips are a great way to have the best vacation and still save you money. They are definitely something to look into!

2. Consider a weekday trip

Similarly to short weekend trips, weekday trips can also set you up for the best vacation ever! Most vacation spots are usually slower during the weekdays, especially earlier in the week. This is a good way to save money when booking and avoid crowds! 

Weekday trips are usually cheaper and still allow for a nice getaway. Consider staying Monday through Thursday or Friday instead of a full week!

3. Book in advance

Many rentals offer discounts when you book in advance, such as in the off-season. When you’re scrambling at the very last minute to book a vacation only a few weeks or a month in advance, you’ll find there is less availability and the rates are higher. 

By booking in advance, you’re also allowing for more time to save money for your trip! Think about it: 3 months prior to booking, you can put money away out of every paycheck. 3 weeks prior to booking, you’re essentially going with whatever cash you have on you!

4. Try somewhere new

Have you ever considered your best vacation spot may be different from the one you go to every year? Though traditions are nice, it’s always fun to check out other options when it comes to annual getaways. Sometimes, a great vacation spot can be similar to your usual trip but cost you even less. 

Have you visited the area surrounding your favorite vacation spot? Sometimes, staying a little bit further from the main attraction can cost less. Many rentals (like ours here at Miller Beach) also offer a luxurious getaway experience right on the properties themselves. With beautiful rooms, amenities, and nature views, you can’t really go wrong trying a new place that is field equipped with everything you need to have the best vacation yet!

5. Travel during the off-season

Though often overlooked, traveling during the off-season ensures you the great vacation you’re used to with even lower rates! Though many people vacation for the warm beaches and sunny skies, late fall getaways can be just as fun!

Late fall brings beautiful foliage and cooler temperatures, making sightseeing and spending time outdoors easier than when the sun is beating down all day and the humidity is up.

Miller Beach Vacation Rentals offers year-round luxury getaways for every family! Our rentals are beautiful and well equipped, no matter the season.

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